About Medical Affairs

Our People

Our Medical Affairs team has years of experience building and refining medical affairs teams across small to large organizations. We also partner with leaders in the field for information technology management to assure appropriate identification of thought leaders to meet the specific needs of your organization, as well as manage your publications process, investigator initiated trials, advisory boards, speaker panels and more. 

Our Services

Our expertise in Medical Affairs provides a broad suite of services from phase II onward. We can assess and assist in the development of your medical strategy and planning that is an integral part of your company’s get -to-market strategy.  Developing relationships with the right key opinion leaders early on is essential to success we can:

  • Help you identify or refine your KOL  identification and engagement planning early on
  • Develop your network of advisors, disease state speakers, investigators and authors for your publications
  •  Understand barriers to access 
  • Additionally, we can perform a manpower assessment for your growing team as well as timing for phasing in new hires and help provide solutions for out-sourcing staffing needs and also assist with budget forecasting.
  • Today, your Medical Affairs organization is more than the number of engagements but it is about data generation based on the feedback from your KOLs through engagements and surveys that will help refine your medical messaging as well as gain insights as to potential challenges early on to provide actionable metrics for your field based medical teams and in-house medical directors that in turn will help assure that your marketing team’s messages resonate with your customers.
  • We can assist with life cycle management as well as medical, regulatory and promotional review as well as having a team of project management consultants to assist you.
  • Other services:
  • Drafting SOPs, and compliant guidance documents for all aspects of Medical Affairs
  • Develop scientific and sales training tools
  • Generate medical content  and develop scientific slide decks
  • Provide guidance for Investigator Initiated Trial strategies and IIT program management 
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Congress planning and coverage
  • Publication planning and management
  • FAQs
  • White papers 

Providing Results

We strive to provide superior results and to partner with you to serve your present and future needs. Our comprehensive services will help your organization achieve its maximal potential.